12 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories for Girly Gamers

12 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories for Girly Gamers

12 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories for Girly Gamers

12 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories for Girly Gamers 

Hey there! Calling all you girly gamers 🙋. Our super cute Nintendo Switch accessories are the perfect way to make your console unique and boost your gaming experience to the max! 💯

Here is our ultimate list to the 12 best Nintendo Switch accessories for girly gamers that you can mix and match to have a new cute look every day of the week. 👌 (Or buy that girly gamer in your life the perfect present! 🎁)

1. Hard Shell Case for Nintendo Switch

Start customization of your Nintendo Switch with this Hard Shell Case. 🐢

Choose between pastel pink or baby blue (if you can! 😬) to give your Switch the cute look it has always needed.

This new version is made with even better quality material than our last, and we have widened the cut-outs around the buttons so you can say goodbye to that gross build-up of dust. 👋

And better yet, your Nintendo Switch will still fit inside its dock with the case on, which is rare to find! 🎉

2. Hard Shell Case for Nintendo Switch Lite

Don’t worry if you have a Nintendo Switch Lite, we have you covered too! Our Hard Shell Case for the Switch Lite comes in pink, blue, yellow and coral pink, 🌈  so good luck choosing which you like best! 💁

This is the perfect case for you girly gamers who like to play for hours since it is super comfortable to hold, and the easy grip makes it perfect to hold wherever you are. 🛌🏼 🛋️✈️

3. 🍃 Leaf Nintendo Switch & Lite Carrying Case

If you like to game on the go, you’re going to need a cute way to carry your Switch, right? 👍

Well, look no further than our Leaf Nintendo Switch & Lite Case. This case is made from the best nylon fabric to give you a strong and durable case that will protect your beloved Nintendo Switch or Lite, even if you accidently drop it! 💚 

This cute case is even built in with a panel for carrying up to 8 of your favorite switch games, giving you the freedom to switch out one game for another whenever you please. If you are a serious gamer and want to carry more than 8 games, no worries! There is also a zipper mesh pocket to keep those extra games and other small items safe. 💃

4. 🐾  Animal Crossing Switch Skin

If you’re a huge fan of Animal Crossing (all Nintendo gamers are, aren’t they?!) then why not check out our Animal Crossing Switch Skin? It will not only look awesome on your Switch, it will protect it from getting super dusty or scratched. Win-win! 🏆 

This high quality vinyl sticker is perfect for those among you who aren’t so into pink, but still want to make their Nintendo Switch cute. 🧚

This skin is super easy to install, and if you want to swap it out for a different one somewhere down the line, not a problem! It is totally removable, without leaving all the sticky stuff behind.

5. 🐾  Animal Crossing Switch Lite Skin

You won’t miss out on the Animal Crossing fun if you have a Nintendo Lite either, with this adorable Animal Crossing skin! 😊

This high quality vinyl sticker will help to prevent your Nintendo Switch Lite from getting scratched or dusty, while giving your console a whole new look. 😍  So easy to install, and remove when you fancy a change, you really can’t go wrong!

6. Pastel Hard Shell Case for Nintendo Switch 🌟

Finding it difficult to choose which color hard shell case you prefer? 😕 Our Pastel Hard Shell Case for Nintendo Switch can help you with that by giving you two colors for the price of one!

Choose either pink/purple colorway or blue/pink colorway and give your Nintendo Switch the look it truly deserves, even when resting in its dock. 💫

7. Pastel Hard Shell Case for Nintendo Switch Lite ✨

You Lite gamers needn’t worry either, you have even more colors to choose from! With our Pastel Hard Shell Case for Nintendo Switch Lite, you can select from pink/purple, sky blue/pink, green/blue, or purple/baby blue.

Give your Switch Lite that cute boost and a comfort boost to play for as long as your heart desires. 💖

8. 🐾  Cat-Paw Nintendo Switch & Lite Case

If you’re a cat lover, you are going to need our Cat-Paw Nintendo Switch & Lite Case. 😻

This cute case comes in pink or blue with a cute little cat paw peeking out from the corner, and the zippers are even little cat paw prints. Super fun right!

Like all our cases, this Switch case is made from high quality nylon with a hydrophobic coating to make it both strong and splash proof. 💦

With 8 game card slots built-in to the case, you can organize your games and keep them safe, always ready for when you start gaming. 🎮

9. 🍃 Tree Leaf Joy-Con Thumb Grip Cap Cover

We don’t just offer cases for your Nintendo Switch console. If a case is not enough cuteness for you, take a look at these Tree Leaf Joy-Con Thumb Grip Cap Covers, perfectly matching our Leaf carry case! 🍃🍃

Get a pack of 4 covers of 2 white with green leaves, and 2 green with white leaves, so you can mix and match however you like. Made of silicone, they are long lasting and super comfy for hours and hours of play. 🙌

10. 🌸  Sakura Flower Joy-Con Thumb Grip Cap Cover


These Sakura Flower Joy-Con Thumb Grip Cap Covers are the perfect thing for a cuteness overload. 💕

Perfect for you pink lovers out there, you get a pack of 4 silicone covers of 2 white with pink blossoms and 2 pink with white blossoms, you’ll for sure want to use one of each! 🌸

11. Paw Print Joy-Con Thumb Grip Cap Cover

Match our Cat-Paw carry case and decorate your Nintendo Switch with these Paw Print Joy-Con Thumb Grip Cap Covers. 🐾

Choose from green/blue, yellow/purple, or pink/blue silicone covers, all in packs of 4. If you love playing Switch with friends, these are the perfect way to keep track of whose control is whose! 👬👭

12. Pink Nintendo Switch Bundle

Now, we’re sure by now that all you girly gamers want absolutely everything on this list, and just don’t know what to choose! 😳 

We’ve got you covered! Our Pink Nintendo Switch Bundle packages together the Sakura Pink Joy-Con Covers, Blue/Pink Switch Hard Case, and Pink Cat Paw Bag into one awesome price to save you money, and those tough decisions on which super cute accessories you should get! 🙀

So, that’s our top pick of best girly gamer Nintendo Switch accessories! 🤩 If you’ve got the Switch (or Switch Lite), we’ve got the skins for it! Of course, these all make great gifts for friends and relatives 🤗, so grab a couple to keep your Switch looking fresh. 💪 💗 To check out our latest releases, click here

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